Fitness Freak’s – Top 5 fat and weight loss strategies

What are the best fat and weight loss strategies? This is something I am frequently asked by busy mums. So I have listed my top 5 fat and weight loss strategies..

1) Cut the crap:

photo 1

Any obvious crap that’s in your house…you know biscuits, chocolate, crisps & sweets….bin them NOW!!
You want fast results take fast action so this needs to be your number 1 priority.

2)No carbs before Marbs

The TOWIE crew adopted this term because they knew reducing carbs definitely has an effect on leaning out and losing weight before they hit the celeb sands of Marbella.

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Start with having carbs at one meal only per day and try and keep the other meals protein and veg based.

Protein veg meal examples:
*Chiefs chicken Goujon’s with side of stir fried veg
*Natural yogurt with blueberries and toasted seeds
*paprika dusted salmon with roasted veg

3)Morning Glory!!

Get in 2-3 cardio/workouts first thing in the morning before brekkie
Why? Your body is in a low sugar state and so at this time and you have more chance of burning fat for fuel.

photo 3

4) Lift it to Shift it

Yep, lifting weights definitely helps burns fat and creates a leaner more toned body. If you are a newbie to lifting weights, start with some body weight exercises.

photo 4

Here’s a simple session to get you going:

Complete 3-6 rounds of these exercise (10 reps/round)

2)Press up
4)Side plank
5)Glute bridge

5)Plan & Prepare

photo 5

Ask any of the mums that have been through the MILF Online Nutrition Coaching program and they will preach from the high heavens the importance planning and prepping your meals ahead for your success in losing weight, fat and getting your energy back.

So there you go freaks…the sooner you implement the above means the sooner you’ll start dropping fat & weight.

Change Requires Action

Peace out.