Fitness Freak HQ  is based on the first floor of Maudie Kennedy’s pub in the beautiful village of Rathgormack.

Spinning HQ is located beside the original Gym in what used to be Kennedys pub(don’t get confused ,there was two Kennedy pubs in the metropolis)

Travelling from Clonmel,at the Bulmers roundabout take the third exit sign posted Rathgormack and you are now 15 minutes from the gym.

Travelling from Carrick-on-Suir take the Dungarvan road for four miles then at the Clonea/Rathgormack junction take a right sign posted Rathgormack.You are now two miles from FF HQ.

No there is not.

The gym is open for 1-2-1 private training in the mornings and classes in the evening.

1-2-1 Personal Training which are sessions tailored to your specific goal and capabilities.

Ladies that Lift
-Ladies only
main emphasis of classes is on the use of weights and your bodyweight.
Saturdays Ladies that Lift is restricted to 12 Female Freaks ONLY!

Alpha Males
-main emphasis on resistance finishing with high intensity cardio intervals.Squatting, deadlifting, lunging, chin-ups, chest pressing, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells.

Ladies That Lift Beginners.

-Practical introduction to the Fitness Freak Philosophy on training.

Introduction to lifting weights and alternative cardio options.


Thought by one of the top spinning instructors,**Tara O Donnell** and the latest addition to the —>FF Family<<—  **Ray Cullen**, spinning is an Indoor cycling class with various music settings to create an energized atmosphere.

Tara & Ray will guide Freaks  through various workout phases.

Warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc.
You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose.
Constant adjustment is normal.

No. Ladies produce much less testosterone than men.

Instead of gaining muscle size you will create BETTER muscle tone. Since muscle takes up FOUR times less space than fat and lifting weights will help you to replace any excess fat with muscle tissue you can begin to see how it all makes sense.

As you lose fat you will lose inches too and get into much better shape.

Please bear in mind that muscle burns fat because it increases your metabolic rate so you will look more toned, be in better shape and have much more energy.If you only had a small bit of body fat to lose you may find that for this reason your weight on the scales may not have changed that much but the way you look and feel change dramatically.

It’s a 6 week nutrition program designed to get you

===lighter, leaner and energised===
It provides daily ACCOUNTABILITY and GUIDANCE on your nutrition choices with the aim of forming

–>good habits and  educating<<– you on correct nutrition selections and getting you lighter, leaner and energised.

There is a limited amount of spaces when the program re-opens. Notification will be sent by email, text and on the Fitness Freak Facebook Page.

Call, text Richard on 0872172521

Message the Chief Freak on The Fitness Freak Facebook Page.
Spinning contact Tara on 0863647019

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