Fitness Freak Nutrition Bootcampers!!


pic 1 riding-off-into-the-sunset

So another FF Nutrition Group have cut their apron strings and headed off into the sunset armed with improved:

-Food knowledge
-Food relationship

and a

-LIGHTER,LEANER body to boot.
pic 2 our aim

Here are the aims that I had with all involved at the outset:


*Provide ACCESS to me & a group of like minded individuals

*Create a mini-community of INFLUENCE, been surrounded by people on the same journey as you encourages DISCIPLINE and ACTION

*Reduce the OVERWHELM associated with a good food lifestyle


pic 3 the chosen few
So 6 were chosen…3 male ,3 female…all were currently training …..but they all felt they needed a tighter grasp of their food.

They all felt they wanted more:
*CLARITY of when and what to eat & learn new food recipes

*all wanted to LOSE WEIGHT,but not feel they had to starve themselves and have  their current training and lives affected and turned into a miserable existence.

*wanted to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their food actions and choices

*have ACCESS to someone 24/7 for advice or to answer any questions they were not 100% sure about.

pic 4 phone call

So step one was a 5 minute phone call to each of the Nutrition Group , to say “hey well done for stepping up to the mark and making the positive decision to do this.”.

A brief was given on what was to come over the next 6 weeks and what they had to do now.

pic 5 weigh and measure

All had to weigh themselves & take two measurements that would be retaken at the same time six weeks from now.

^^^^^^^^Week 1^^^^^^^^

pic 6 food diary



First up was a 6 day, brutally honest, no hiding any skeletons in the closet, FOOD DIARY.
This enabled a clear starting point.


They were all inducted into the
Fitness Freak VIP Nutrition Group.


In future pictures of all the meals were to be uploaded to this group and  all Q&A’s posted here.

^^^^^^^^Week 2^^^^^^^^

pic 7 shit just got real

This is when it really kicks off for  the señors & señoritas.

This week we concentrated on BREAKFAST & SNACKS!

Recipe ideas were given out at this stage.

A picture is taken of every breakfast everyday and up-Loaded to the Facebook group.
Each one is critiqued and comments made where it needs be.

Each Freak had to give their 3 day food plan.


pic 8 plan ahead





^^^^^^^^Week 3^^^^^^^^

pic 9 lunch


Main focus was on LUNCH

Again recipe ideas were sent to the Nutrition Group at start of the week.

Lunch pictures were uploaded into Facebook group alongside breakfast & snacks.

There was a Recipe assignment to make.


^^^^^^^Week 4^^^^^^^^^

pic 10 inner
Main focus was on DINNER.

Pictures of dinners were uploaded alongside, breakfast and lunch & snacks

There was a recipe assignment to make and picture to upload

^^^^^^^Week 5^^^^^^^^

pic 11dont give a fook
Ok so the next two weeks were about really NAILING DOWN, PLANNING and EXECUTING  what everyone has learnt over the last 4 weeks.


All meals uploaded to Facebook group and 1 meal assignment each week.

^^^^^^Week 6^^^^^^^^

pic 18 Finish-Line
Home straight….the finish line is close….it now a case of seeing out the program with confidence & vigor.

Check out some of the groups  labors of love….

pic 13 lab of love                             pic 14 lab of love



Final weigh in and measurements were taken on the last Saturday morning followed by a final call to wrap things & crack open the champers……:)


pic 20 what theysaid
Here’s a sneak peak of what the some of the Freaks had to say about their experience……

5kg loss 11.1lbs
3.5 inches off waist
3.5 off ass

Firstly want to start by saying thanks for the knowledge. I went in to this open minded knowing it was not going to be easy and it wasn’t but found it a really good learning curve I have learned things that I hope I will use for the rest of my life .I have learn the importance of planning ahead and the most important thing  preparation it’s all about having things  ready and stick with the plan .My outlook on food is different and I’m willing to try new foods and make new foods.

Thank you Chief Freak it was a pleasure  (sometimes).

Thanks  again and on wards and upwards from here on.


10kg 22.2lbs loss
2.5inch off Chest ,4 inch off waist , 2.5inch  off Ass  (everyone knows I had a fine Ass to start with)

FF nutrition plan:  “Starting the program my stretch goal was to reach 80kg from 87kg…I was very skeptical of  meeting this goal based on previous diets/plans. However, 2 weeks into the plan I began to see dramatic changes in weight (so much so that I was questioning my scales) I very quickly began to realise that it was going to be much easier than expected to meet my long term target. Now the goal has shifted and the target is much lower again.

Although this plan is based around  a 6 week window, it is much more than that, it is designed to set you up with the right tools to maintain the plan once finished – knowing what foods to eat, when to eat them and the foods to avoid are some of the tools to name a few. Biggest takeaway (no pun intended) is the importance of planning ahead, it cuts out all the shit when done correctly!

Food wise a lot of the recipes are excellent, simple and tasty, which will now be part of my daily routine!

Chow for now


14kg (30.8lbs)loss

Stomach 6 inch loss and hips  6inch loss

Starting off I was nervous of how it would go and how well I would stick to it. When I got back from the holiday I got my info pack. I felt this was a great touch, not only with the picks to make some recipes easy but also the list of kitchen essentials. This was great as it was the little things that you don’t have to hand that would turn a healthy meal into a bad one. Starting of was grand just putting up the breakfast but I was also being careful with my other meals in case we were put on the spot to put them up. I also had the mind set that I couldn’t exercise with my leg still in the cast I would have to work a lot harder with the diet than everyone else to get the same results. There were times I felt like having something I shouldn’t but being in the group helped with that and also having a feeling that you give out to me kept pushing me on. Now that its finished, its not over, as in it will never be over. I will defiantly keep it up trying to be good but haven a treat every now and then. It has given me confidence and knowledge to get real results. Sound for all the help an support couldn’t have got through it with out ya Rich. Sound


So the next Fitness Freak Nutrition Program will be exclusively for MILF’s…


pic 22 milf


The Chief Freak is looking for

**6 females**

to help them take control of their weight & nutrition!

You will need to be all of the following:

-feel like sh1t
-hate your clothes
-Want to lose weight


You know who I’m on about…overly busy, frustrated,slightly under appreciated  Mums who


pi**ed off with their weight and bodies….hate their clothes…feel it’s time to for “me time”!!!


pic 23 exchausted mums


So if this is you????????

Email me only on with the subject line

“ I want to be MILF’d”

You will be sent a mini-questionnaire


The 6 chosen few will be notified by next Saturday 25th of April.


Action Takers ONLY required!!!!

pic 24 keep calm action