Hey thanks very much for visiting my virtual HQ!

This is my web home, my blog  and a medium to spread what Fitness Freak & FFPRO Can do for YOU.

From this site I will share my training advice, nutritional strategies, recipes and my stories and those of the Fitness Freak Community members…..i.e. The Freeeeeaks ;)


So who am I?


I’m Richard Kennedy AKA The Chief Freak :)


I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach,ex-professional Footballer and the founder and owner of Fitness Freak.


^^I love food, I love training^^, I’ve got a wife who is freakier than me and at the time of writing 1 mini-me…like most 3 year olds he is ***Krazzzzzie***(got it from his mothers side ;)


I’ve helped people from all walks of life, fitness and sporting backgrounds achieve their goals, address their lifestyles, educate and empower them to take positive action for themselves.


I’ve obsessed and studied training & nutrition from my early days as a young professional soccer player and as my career progressed it was this side of the sport that really got my juices flowing.


I’m a self thought cook….having flown from my native Rathgormack nest at the age of 16 to the UK I soon became self sufficient….I loved the independence of being able to cook what I wanted and as I became deeply engulfed in maximising performance physically for soccer, I educated myself through trial and error on nutritious, essential foods for making my body the best it could be.


Fitness Freak was set up in 2006 with the vision of showing people that exercise could be exciting and challenging like nothing they had experienced before.


Since then it’s progressed onto a brand that represents a lifestyle & my philosophies on training and good food.
It’s my belief that When both become an integral part of your lifestyle hugely POSITIVE things can happen.


Becoming a Fitness Freak is much MORE than a workout it’s a way of (better) life ;)


Sign up to my blog, Like us on Facebook and drop us a tweet on twitter, write a website review…..just don’t be a STRANGE-r :)


Ps I love coffee, will only eat porridge when it’s cold and mini-me thinks Daddy is a superhero called Fitness Freak :))

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