Ladies That Lift Exclusive

Ladies That Lift Exclusive

Our Ladies That Lift Exclusive class is restricted in numbers  in order to provide a greater degree of personal attention to enhance the participants knowledge and technique on lifts..

Weight Lifting  is an area that women are becoming  increasingly aware of.
The majority of women walk, run and are involved in some form of aerobic exercise so a session dedicated to lifting, pushing or pulling against a resistance offers benefits in terms of “toning “muscles and losing body fat.

The benefits of getting stronger directly lead to  additional improvements in  body tone and decreased body fat.

Heres a great take away ^^^knowledge bomb^^^,
Fat takes up
==4 times more space than muscle==
so you wont get bulky but you will get smaller & leaner even if your weight hasn’t radically changed.
What makes you bulk up??
Eating and drinking lots of Sh1t and doing very little exercise!!

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