Ladies That Lift Beginners

Ladies That Lift Beginners

Our Ladies That Lift Beginners(FF Virgins;) classes are a great place to start and may be used to graduate to our more advanced Ladies That Lift classes.

The first thing any newbie wants is a friendly face and a smile that will put their pent up nerves a ease.You don’t have to “get fit” to start with at Fitness Freak HQ you just have to get your ass in the door.

Empathizing with where people are at is very important and we do it really well.

Weight Lifting  is an area that women are becoming  increasingly aware of.

The benefits of getting stronger directly lead to  additional improvements in  body tone and decreased body fat.

You will be instructed on the correct technique of every lift and progressed at your own pace….and also challenged.

There is a cardio finally to the session so you will leave with a serious endorphin, lung opening hit.

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