The Real Risk Is Doing Nothing!

Yep we all want to know what’s the best exercise or foods to eat to lose “the belly” ,the moobs,the back fat
create “the gap”,and the booty….

blog april mind the gap

…..and with all the info out there it can sometimes stifle us to a halt….so whatever happens just make sure you just


DO Something!!!

Once you START SOMETHING you naturally create momentum & momentum creates progress

blog april start where you are do what you can

Here are 5 simple easy to implement positive DO SOMETHINGS:



blog april 5 mins early
Get up 5 minutes earlier in the morning  & make a decent breakfast and pre packed good quality lunch.Starting the day in CONTROL has a huge impact on how the rest of the day can pan out & equals less STRESS & EXCUSES.

Batch cook some meals at the weekend so you hit the ground running once the week kicks off.Left overs from a large tray of roast veg & cooked chicken could be your Monday lunch or dinner.

blog april roast veg

Get your training gear on before you leave work and then  go for a walk or jog or the gym before you go home(we know what happens once you get inside that door…Enders,Mini-me’s,hunger,”ah ill go tomorrow syndrome”.

blog april gym gear

Get an accountability Bruva or Sista
Yep team up with one of your friends or work colleagues and hold each other accountable regards your food choices at work or commitment to going for a walk or jog at lunch time

blog april accountability buddy

Stop complaining!!!
Yes you can do this straight away!IT HAS NO BENEFIT TO ANYONE!
Jesus …no one wants to hear it & be dragged down by it
DOn’t Moan….DO!

blog april if you cant be positive

So Freaks please do not get too caught up in the finer details of exercise & diet…most of us over complicate things way too much and  prevent ourselves from starting….don’t…..JUST DO SOMETHING NOW!

blog april the eal risk

Peace Out