Steak Gratin with Sweet Potato Chips & Winter Greens

OHHHH Baaaabyyyyyy this is a winters evening hard earned Freak Eats Spesh-e-Al-a-TEEEEE!!

I got this recipe from my “no strings” Tana Ramsey, wife of Gordon.

The addition of some simple greens, broccoli and peas with a drizzle of coconut oil and sweet potato chips which are probably my ^^favourite^^ strachy carb variety.
The portion size shown would be a lean size portion for two or a mean (as in proper portion for a HULK) for one.
It all depends on your stage in training and goals.

If your been super strict and watching your carb intake then knock off the sweet potato

Here’s a quick run through

Step 1

Get the sh1t!!!

Step 2


Concentration bit……….Prep/Cook

– ideally have steaks sitting at room temp for at least five minutes.

– peel the sweet potato and cut into long chunky chips, drizzle with olive oil and place them under hot grill for 10-15 minutes turning every 4-5 minutes

– chop up  2-3strands of chives

– grate portion of parmesan cheese, about size of your thumb.

– scoop 2 dessert spoons of crème frais into a bowel with 1to 2 teaspoons of mustard and some black pepper adding the parmesan and chives and mix well.

– cook steaks 2-4 minutes each side and leave to rest on the side for few minutes

– steam/boil veg for few minutes 3minutes prob ideal and add teaspoon of coconut oil and toss around.

– remove sweet potato chips from grill

– spoon creme frais mixture over top of steaks and let drip over sides and place them back under grill until slightly crispy and brown ;) (60-90 seconds)

– bring the whole sha-bang to the table and  blow the TASTE buds right off your other half/guests.


Step 3