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I’m delighted to welcome

Shane “The Bike Guru” O Keefe

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for a short sharp Q&A on all things cycling…..the sport/hobby that has re-exploded in the past 2-3 years.

Q1) why do you think there is such a renaissance in cycling?

Well Richie, thanks for asking me on to your blog for this Q&A:)

I’m not so sure about the guru bit though!

Cycling has always been there and it’s not the first cycling boom to hit Ireland as there was another one in the late 1980’s/early 90’s. That one had a lot to do with Sean Kellys’ success as a pro. And to this day we are still producing plenty of local talent such as Sam Bennett and potential pros like Sean Hahessy, Michael O’Loughlin, Cathal Purcell & many more.

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In the case of the current resurgence in cycling, I think it basically comes down to the fact that cycling &spinning is just a good and enjoyable form of exercise and a great fat burner for the general population. Also we are choosing active hobbies such as cycling, spinning, triathlons, duathlons, adventure races, etc! People are going for a spin and a chat and in The Village of Rathgormack ,the home of FF HQ, they are going for a spin, a PINT and a chat.

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I do believe the increase really does just come down to the fact that cycling suites all ages, all fitness levels, ex-GAA, soccer, rugby players & anyone post-op, pre-op, anyone with back, hip, ankle injuries, etc, as there is 4 times less pounding on a bike than there is running on a road. More importantly these days cycling/spinning is good for everyone’s mental health…

Q2) What’s your top 3 tips for purchasing a new bike for beginners?

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1- Price – Budget for not just ‘the bike’ but a couple of safety accessories also, such as a helmet, a set of lights and a pair of padded cycling shorts (cycling shorts can also be used for spinning classes!)
2- Size – is most important as a good fitting service can avoid any unnecessary muscular pain or strain.
3- After sales – Choose a bikeshop with experience, good advice on starting out and good back up service/after sales service!

Q3) Apart from the actual bike what are the essential accessories to pimp your experience on the bike?

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Padded cycling shorts and Just a smile:)

Q4) What bike brands do you stock?

thompson bikes

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Giant, Thompson, BH, Merida, Gazelle, Wethepeople and many more…

Q5) What is the biggest demand road or mountain bike?

In this area definitely road. Everyone is going for road bikes with turned down handlebars. And getting back to your accessories question, all you need is a helmet, a jersey ,cycling shorts and a pair of sunglasses and anyone can look like a pro!

Q6) Does OK CYCLES & SPORTS offer service plans on new or used bikes?

service plans

Most of our frames come with a lifetime guarantee Richie and we offer the first service free for all our customers, on all bikes new & used. And after that if something goes wrong that shouldn’t have gone wrong, we replace/fix it…

Q7) what’s you philosophy on ‘on the bike nutrition’ for cyclists from a supplement perspective with regards gels, drinks, etc?

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Well Richie, your choice of nutrition, obviously depends on your fitness goals. If it is ‘cycling for weight loss’, than stay away from energy gels, as they generally tend to be full of sucrose, glucose and caffeine. If out on a long spin, say 80-160km, Gels and bars are all well and good but sometimes nothing beats bananas, apples, figrolls, jaffa cakes. But it all depends on your fitness goals of course. The main cycling nutrition brand we stock is ‘HIGH5’. For your water bottle they do a dissolvable tablet for your water bottle that is full of potassium & electrolytes which does NOT give you energy but helps prevent dehydration, muscle cramp & fatigue which is suitable for all levels and especially tough spin classes!

Q8) You are a disciple of Fitness Freaks Spinning enforcer Tara O’Donnells’ spinning class, how do you think the class benefits you & your fellow spinning bruvas & sistas?

The real beauty about Spinning is that it caters for both extremities of the fitness spectrum. As in a person who is a complete & utter beginner to physical exercise can take part in the same spinning class as a very fit person into road racing! And is therefore great for couples too. Once again, spinning and cycling, is great for everyones mental health…

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Q9) Apparently Tara’s bark is worse than her bite…from your own experience what’s your opinion?

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I love it! It’s like being back in school, especially when Tara gives out to me for messing or bobbing to the music! it’s a great ‘de-stresser’ and a great way to switch off after a busy day in work!

Shes an ex-cyclist herself and her passion for what she does is obvious and that transfers to class.There is no disguising passion(surely that’s worth some browning points Tara:)

Q10) Do you stock spinning bikes?

Yes, Merida do a very nice range of spin bikes, not exercise bikes. There is a big difference between an exercise bike & a spin bike. An exercise bike is just pedals with a seat and handles to hold on to, whereas a spin bike resembles a road bike with very similar geometry.

Q11) your always in action hero shape…what else do you do to stay lean?


I don’t think so Rich! These days just cycling and spinning really! Nothing like a few of Taras spin classes to whip you back into shape!!!

Q12) as you know the Chief Freak lovessssss his food….what is a typical day for you bike guru?

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I’m the same Richie, I love my food, probably the main reason I exercise is so I can eat whatever I want….. too a point! Although, usually I eat so much good food for main course, I can’t fit dessert! Typical day?? Simple, beans and brown bread for breakfast, spuds & veg and meat for lunch and spuds & veg meat for dinner! With no eating between meals!

Q13) looking forward, what trends do you see coming into all things cycling…road, off road, indoors?

the future

Hopefully more ‘cycle lanes’ & ‘cycle ways’ like the one in Co.Mayo, 42km of bicycles only, no cars, it’s fantastic! Also, hopefully see more kids cycling to school, as the more kids who cycle to school the less cars on the road and obviously the healthier they’ll become. I can also see more and more people discovering what a good fat burner cycling is…

Q14) what does the rest of the year have in store for OK CYCLES & SPORTS?

world domination

Just going to continue to focus on supplying an honest, reliable, friendly service to all our customers.

Thanks for taking the timeout Richie from your busy schedule to ask me a few questions about cycling and spinning and we wish Tara, Ray & yourself, all the best for the future from all of us at ‘OK CYCLES & SPORTS’…

Right back at you Shane,great to see a young enthusiastic person  in the Business of Fitness making real strides in providing a great product & service.
Thanks for your input and knowledge bombs and best wishes to OK CYCLES & SPORTS in the coming year.