Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Knowledge Bombs

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You’ve been asking me so here it is:

 The Chief Freaks Knowledge Bombs on

Pre & Post Workout/Game

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-Chief Freak


Don’t: Eat a heavy meal. Eating too much too close to your workout will leave you feeling heavy and lethargic. It can result in bloating, gas or worse still bringing it all back up again!!

man getting sick

Leave 3-4 hours between your last meal and your workout/competition.

If your feel that’s too long of a gap have a snack 90 minutes to 2 hours before.


– fruit



Don’t: Eat sugar or refined carbs (eg breads,pasta,panninis,wraps,scones,) prior to your workout if weight/fat loss is your goal.

burn fat

Your body will always look to

>>> {use carbs for fuel before fat} <<<

so a high carb meal pre workout will create a barrier between your hard earned workout & the fat you want to burn off.


Do: eat a meal containing easily digestible protein 3-4 hours before your workout or game. Think

fish,turkey,chicken,eggs over red meat which is harder to breakdown and utilise.


These easily digested proteins will supply your muscles with essential amino acids to help fuel & repair your muscles.


Do: Eat good quality carbs 3-4 hours’ pre & 1 hour post workouts & games if performance is your goal or you’re looking to gain muscle/size.
Eg sweet potatoes, whole grain rice,quinoa

sweet potatorice 2 quinoa

Side note:
If weight/fat loss is your goal I’d  advise you to stay away from carbs pre workout and depending on where you are currently on your journey possibly afterwards also. Just consume protein like mentioned above & some veg.
If you’re a GAA/ rugby/soccer/runner / cyclist/ who is using a considerable amount of energy each week or you want to add some muscle in the gym then some quality slow release carbs 3ish hours before and after would be advisable.

Do:make sure you’re well hydrated…you’ve heard this thousand times before but it is ESSENTIAL!!!
Minimal dehydration can put a strain on your muscles making them dry, less pliable ,more susceptible to muscle tears & strains & they’ll under perform, resulting in an under par workout or game.

lemon in water
Drink lemon-ed water(water with squeeze of fresh lemon) throughout the day in which you are  training day or playing a match,as lemons contain the highest amount of electrolytes of all fruits…add a pinch of sea salt to this to help you stay hydrated for longer.

water plus elec

Electrolytes are minerals that help carry signals from the brain to the muscles to contract. When you’re adequately hydrated these signals are fast & strong…when your dehydrated they are slow & weak.
They can be in sachets or part of pre made drinks/powders.





Do: Experiment with workouts on an empty stomach..

This is best carried out first think in the morning on empty stomach. This has the benefit of allowing your body to more easily tap into your fat stores for energy=burn more FAT!!!

All of my Sunday morning sessions are fasted and for me it feels like a mini detox, like hitting the digestive system reset button. I visualize it like burning off any excess debris.
However start slowly; your blood pressure tends to lower in the am along with your blood sugar so if you feel light headed stop and get some fuel in.

coffe before cardio

A cup of black coffee or green tea would be a good idea as the caffeine frees up fat for fuel and also wakes you up from your zzzZZZZZzzzZZZ’s


DO: Snack…

………… this could be pre or post workout/games, the key is:

  • to have decent quality ingredients, make them with real foods like pieces of fruit or nuts or make your own mini bars using nut butters and seeds for example, check out the Chief Freaks balls below;0.
  • Not to have it too close to your workout/game, 90 minutes to 2 hours + before your due to start.

3)  I tend to snack on fruit before and the home made bars or nuts after.

freak proteon balls

-Almond butter

-Rice protein powder


-Rolled in toasted seeds



Post Workout:

Don’t: get caught up in every “recovery”, “post workout” supplement on the market.

Basic CMYK
Whole foods are best for the majority of people,ie,:

-Quality protein like chicken or eggs


-Piece of fruit

-Add starchy carbs if your training or working out for more than an hour
After that if you are playing and training with multiple teams/gyms during the week and at weekend are competing in matches/races then the following applies:
Keep it simple simple-ASAP after session consume a good  quality protein or whey powder that’s naturally sweetened and doesn’t contain any obvious sh1t such as artificial sweeteners like  aspartame.

The less ingredients the better ( Sun Warrior rice protein powder  is one of the Chief Freaks favorites)
Consume with a banana or berries  to help replenish energy stores(there are protein & carb combo powders available again look for as little sh1t ingredients as poss)
An hour or so later consume real Whole foods that’s low in fat ,as fat will hinder the rate of which the food can be broken down, basically it’s similar to your pre workout meal.

Checkout the CF’s video on a “cover all bases “recovery drink.


Do: Consume most of your carbs post workout/games.

This is the one time your muscles are like^^ sponges ^^ and will use up the majority of these carbs.

earn your carbs

High carb consumption at other times (for most people) will result in greater chance of fat gain as there is no need for their sugars.
Carbs help drive the protein into the worked muscle tissues speeding up repair and recovery.
BUT you’ve got to earn them…a 30 minute walk compared to 60 minute weights and high intensity cardio session require two different types recovery meal.

The first one no carbs the second one carbs.




I believe it works and there’s plenty of science to back it up.

In terms of gaining size I’d opt for the loading phase of 5grams, 4 times per day for the first 5 days and then maintenance of 5 grams twice per day for 4-6 weeks after that. Stop for at least 5 weeks after this cycle before starting again. Increasing your water intake is very important during cycle.

It’s also beneficial in pre or post drinks where sports involve multiple short intermittent bursts of energy-sprinting.


Pre workout powders:

Personally I’ve been there and in hindsight i won’t go back. A good cup of coffee will give you the caffeine hit you need without the added extra artificial sh1t.


The real difference in pre/post workout/games nutrition is the


>>> aggregate of what you eat consistently everyday<<<


there is no magic food or supplement that will elevate your recovery or performance beyond what you do on a regular bases.

more of these foods

If you follow a diet rich in quality proteins,veg & fats for the majority of your time and depending on your goals and activity levels plug in your carbs either before, after or both or not at all.

Follow that format and you’ll be successful no  matter what your goals.

Eat Clean==>Consistently==>
Train Hard & Recover just as hard!

eat clean train

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