Kitchen Ninja Essentials – Healthy Kitchen Tools

There’s more to a healthy kitchen than a well-stocked fridge and a pantry full of pre-portioned snacks. How you prepare your meals matters just as much as what you’re eating. Let’s face it: A healthy-eating plan means squat if your kitchen lacks the tools you need to make cooking healthy nutritional meals.

That’s why the Chief Freak has put together a list of must-have items that will help turn your kitchen into a freak’s dream. These healthy kitchen tools are super important.



2.1 Knives

One or two decent knives are at the top of your kitchen essential hit list!!
You can’t get your Freak on in the kitchen with blunt knives.

I’ve three: one narrow blade, ideal for slicing onions and veggies; one a bit wider, for hacking sweet potatoes or tough root veg, and an old Trojan that I use to save the longevity of the other two.


2.2 Grater

In my kitchen my grater puts in a shift. It is perfect for:

  • Shredding courgettes when preparing cakes.
  • Shredding carrots for cheeky salads.
  • Zesting lemons and limes for salad dressings and of course,
  • Grating cheese

For grating garlic and zesting a hand grater is best.

2.3 Zester


Yep, you all know I love my Nutribullet!!

2.4 Nutribullet

From the obvious smoothies to smashing up herbs and spices to making home-made pesto (garlic, basil, chilli, olive oil, Parmesan cheese), to mixing up young Ollies sweet potato, carrot & apple for his lunch time munch… this baby can’t be missing. When choosing yours, try to go for something that is compact and easy to clean, it’ll help you lots.

Mixing Bowls

2.5 Mixing Bowls

I use salad bowels, so it can double up for marinating meats, mixing up contents for fish cakes or use it to serve Chief Freak style salads…

•    Rocket
•    Spinach
•    Redpepper
•    Avocado
•    Halloumi
•    Toasted seeds

•    2 DSof balsamic
•    1 DS of extra virgin olive oil

2.5 Salad


2.6 Colander

A good colander is great not only for obvious jobs, such as draining pasta & potatoes, but also to help you wash fruits and veggies like a pro.

Chopping board

2.7 Chopping board

The work horse of the kitchen. Choose a decent flat and relatively heavy one that doesn’t slip and slide when you’re smashing (I mean tenderising) your steak, or ninja-knifing your peppers & veg for a Freak style salad.

The less grooves the better, so gerns have less places to hang out.

Again some of the pretty ones can double up as serving plates/platters.

2.8 Chopping board2


2.9 Tupperware

My ultimate healthy kitchen tools include a set of Tupperware containers makes eating healthy much easier because it allows you to have a healthy option at reach when out and about. When you have cooked and packed your own meals, you reduce the chance of rushing for the usual crap while you’re out. It also lets you to keep an eye on portion size.

So there you go  fellow Ninja Nutrition Freeeeeeeeeeeaks…get these kitchen essentials on lock down and boooom booom boooom to you kitchen productivity.Until next time…..

Peace out Freaks


CF & Mini-Me:)

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