Its all in the Hips!!

Freaks I’ll cut straight to the chase…having snake hips like Elvis requires a bit more attention than gyrating and trusting of the hips to blue suade shoes:)



The majority of us suffer to some degree with whats called anterior pelvic tilt where our pelvis is tilted forward.



lower crosse syndrome


Its even more common in GAA,soccer,rugby,runners,cyclists,tri-athltes  and those  of you

who are constantly  desk bond for hours on end.


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It can result in either or all of the following:


*hamstring problems(constant)

*niggling knee pain

*tight lower back



So here is 3 exercises that are crucial to HELP you combat these  issues and keep you pain & injury free leaving you to concentrate on been an

absolute Freeeeeeeeeeeeak;)


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foam/ball roll your quads and hip flexors(basically the front of your hip groin)


hip flexor roll

Spend two minutes on tender spots



stretch your hip flexors
The key to getting optimal stretch on your hip flexors(muscles high up on your thigh muscle/front of hip) is to  squeeze the butt cheek of the leg that is NOT out in front and push that hip forward

you can progress the stretch by:

b)stretching up your hand

c)dropping the non raised arm down by your side and rotating your upper body

d)elevating the the lower part of the back leg


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buy a mini band(


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-Put it around top of knees
-Perform 3 sets of glute bridges holding top position for 20-30 seconds each set making sure to keep the tension on the band

spooning;)…bottom of picture
-Turn over on to your side
-Tuck your knees up
-Keep side of feet touching
-Raise top knee off bottom knee
-Pause at the top
-Return to start

Complete 3 sets of 10 reps


So Freaks if you want a pain free lower back and knee and reduce the constant ache and strain in your hamstrings look after your HIPS

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…….perform this routine 3-5 times per week.