Chief Freaks Top 5 Benefits of Sled/Prowler Training.

Mini-Me knows Best!!!


MM:”Chief Daddy…if I want muscle like the hulk…have abs like Wolverine & jump as high as a tall building like Spiderman what should I do???”



CF:”Mini… gota push Prowler like a BOSS!!!!


MM:Chief D…..I’m going to make it my B-atch~~~~~



So Why is the Prowler such an effective fat burning,muscle developing ,strength & Condtioning bad ass???


Here’s the Chief Freaks top 5 benefits of Prowler/Sled training:

1)it’s simple to use

A lot of strength training/toning exercises require constant instruction  & coaching on technique and tweaking whilst the Prolwer is very easy to teach and very easy & safe to learn and perform.


2) you HAVE to work hard

From those  gym goers who are shy of a bit of sweat & burn to the most Freak like trainers…Bottom line is the Prolwer is not going to push itself!!
There is no hiding… have to do the work with the Prolwer.


3)unlimited options

You can push it for time
Do it for speed
Do it for strength (just load it to foooook up big boy/girl:)
Push it
Pull it
Do partner races
Push forward sprint back wards
It can hugely challenging and fun….(as much fun as Prolwer training can be:)


4)Time Efficient

From a very short set up time….just throw on some plates….to easily getting a great Conditioning  and fat loss(weight loss) ,glute builder ,ab reveal-er based workout in easily under 20minutes.



5)The Full Monty!!!



I can’t think of a full body training tool better than the Prolwer

From sports specific to ,fat loss,Conditioning,building  muscle ,losing weight….looking good enough naked to do a Full Monty.. this is an essential piece of equipment for every  gym and even more so home gym…..

…..and if it’s good enough for Mini-Me & his Super Hero buddies it should be good enough for everyone;)