Best Ab Exercise???<<==


“Abs are made in the kitchen”……”10 reps of eat NO fooking sh1t”….
This is possibly the most asked question….the holy grail of exercises….the crown in the jewels…


holy grail



It’s asked in several ways…..”I want to strengthen my core”….kind of meaning…”I want harder more visual abs,get rid of my love handles”!!!

Yes número uno….it comes down to diet 99%of time….
abs made in kitchen
Crunches are a waste of time….repeat that sentence standing up ,on your tip-ee toes with your chest puffed up….


abs blog crunches suck

when it comes to getting rid of my belly.

But if I was to choose one exercise……OK maybe two to strengthen your core it would be this one..

==>Pallof Press<==




What makes this exercise so beneficial is the fact that it is performed standing in an athletic postural position.

It trains the core for what it’s actually designed for, which, as I’ve noted earlier it is not for doing crunches and sit-ups.

Our “core” is more of a cross-hatched web (as noted by Mike Robertson), and it’s main functions are resisting trunk extension,(leaning back),posterior pelvic tilt, and anti-rotation(twisting)






Think about being able to run with all the correct screws and bolts tightened so your body will be projected forward as efficient  as possible…less energy required with further distance gained…be that a marathon runner ,soccer,GAA,rugby player & also cyclists(although your bike position tends to be largely flexed) .

How ,any sets/reps?

Start with Perfect FORM… perfect practice makes perfect!!!

Extend your arms for  10 seconds…return to your chest for 5 seconds them extend again for 10 seconds,that’s one set  one side.

pallof press

Repeat for total of 3 sets each side.


Here’s another…Swiss  Ball Stir the Pot

DR.Stuart Mcgill explains how to perform it perfectly in the video below….and auld Stue boy knows his stuff…BIG TIME!!!


Remember QUALITY not QUANTITY…..when it comes to core exercise selection and nutrition!!!


eat real food plate


For most people save your starchy carbs for after INTENSE exercise.

Why then?

Well this is when your body is most primed to USE the sugars in the carbs and not store the excess as FAT,and also it will help you refuel for full operating activities the next day.


Basic CMYK


But Chief how much should I eat??????

I love the simplicity of using your hand as a gauge for portion size:

1)you’ll never forget it or leave it at home

2)Our hand size tends to be in proportion to our overall body size meaning the portion of protein than fits in palm of your hand is ideal for you.

~~~~> Ladies Portion size

aib prez portion size women


~~~~~>Gents Portion size


aib prez portion size men

So keep it SIMPLE when it comes to your Abs,be consistent with your quality nutrition and quality core/ab/six pack exercises

Avoid crunches for the majority of the time  & and if a trainer prescribes you with 4 sets of 20 of then then sack him or run a mile!!

Check out this video from The Godfather of Lower Back Health 

Dr.Stuart McGill

Remember…Ab are made in the kitchen


in FF nutrition Programs:)