28 Day Drop A Jeans Size

28 Day Drop Jean Size

So the challenge was set…get your ass in gear for 28days,
on what you eat and drink for every meal over a 4 week period

What’s a jean size in weight terms?answer..approx  7lbs ,1/2 stone

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So I’ll cut to the chase what you want to know is “what did they lose”?

Average weight loss 9.8lbs
Inches lost from tummy 2.5 inches
Inches lost from glutes/ass/booty 3 inches

How did they do it?

Cut out alcohol,takeaways ,chocolate ,crisps all obvious CRAP for 28 days


crap food

They included carbs(bread,rice ,sweet potato ,porridge )
in one meal Only  per day
What do you mean by that Chief??
“For example if you had porridge with your boiled egg in the morning the rest of your meals Would consist of protein & veg only ,no rice ,potatoes ,bread etc”
They ate protein at every meal (that including breakfast )
-natural yogurt
-omelettes,boiled,scrambled ,poached eggs
-banana & chocolate pancakes

28 day testimonial yogi pot

28 day testimonial pancake

28 day testimonial pics deirdre egg muffins

They drank minimum 2 litres of water per day


2 litre water


all but one exercised a minimum of 3 times per week



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Now here’s the biggie..
they PLANNED & PREPPED their meals a minimum of two days in advance


28 day testimonial pics deirdre plan ahead


This is soooooooo important when it comes to short & more importantly LONG TERM  success

28 day testimonial pics dave sweet potato burgers

28 day testimonial yogi pot martha


…planning & prepping meals ahead means you are MINDFULL of the food you are going to eat…no autopilot snacking or oh sh1t there’s nothing in the fridge I’ll just have two bowels of cereal.

To  gel it all together they were


ACCOUNTABLE to me everyday for every meal they ate for 28 days…how?
In our private
28 Day Drop A Jean Size Facebook Group they had to post pictures of every meal every single day



Not blowing this programs trumpet but without accountability the majority of programs will FAIL!


What also makes it tick is the group bond…everyone is in a like minded mentality and going through similar struggles with food & body,so it soon becomes bruva & Sista of Freaks helping one another.



So that’s enough from me….here’s what some of the 28 Day graduates had to say:


what they said


Female Freak Deirdre

9 1/2lbs

Signed up for the 28 Day Drop A Jean Size programme to shed a few pounds before the festive season begins. The four week programme is definitely achievable and you will drop that Jean size minimum. In my case I have dropped more than a jean size and am feeling great.
I would highly recommend this programme. You have the support and backup from Richie and the group members.  This programme is not a starvation diet by any means.

A big thank you Richie and to my group members


Alpha Male John

I started the drop a jean/dress size more to educate myself on what’s good to eat and at what times. I’m 43 years of age and would consider myself in good enough shape for my age so I was sceptical enough to think I would loose a lot of weight. The first week was for me the hardest as it was getting me out of my old routines of porridge in the morning with a yoghurt and coffee,taking the porridge thinking I was doing the right thing. It was also the week where I saw the value of planning ahead. So the constant questions about what we were eating tomorrow was the push I needed. The 2nd week flew as I was more prepared and I was managing to be ahead of myself thanks to planning ahead.In weeks 3 and 4 I found myself hungry at times particularly the day after gym or spinning sessions. I had no cravings during the 4 weeks, being off the beer wasn’t really an issue for me. Since I have finished I notice myself watching what I eat a lot more and push myself to cut down on carbs and the sweets and chocolate. I would give a word of warning on eating too many banana pancakes as constipation is painful. I would encourage anyone to try it I managed to loose 10 pounds in the 4 weeks that I didn’t think I had or needed to loose.
The encourage from Richie was always welcome.I actually enjoyed the 4 weeks. I would have to give a big thank you to Nolwenn for shopping and helping me prepare the food.
Overall 10 /10


Female Freak Martha

Weight loss 13lbs

After a couple of challenging months, bad habits had moved in and taken over.
So the timing of the 28 day challenge couldn’t have been better for me.

After all it was now or next January and you can do a lot of damage in 8 weeks !!  Remembering last January and how awful the aftertaste from the season of excess felt it was an easy decision to make.

And it was only a month.

I had done the  weight watchers program  years ago and more recently 5:2.
Ritchie’s program was easy to understand and easy to stick to, with recipes for all meals suggested as a starting point.  As time went on you developed a better idea of what worked for you regarding food types and quantities so it became easier rather than harder.
This I think was because you were eating the right foods for you. Not the correct number of points of the wrong foods and wondering why it wasn’t making any difference and you are tired and hungry every day so resolve goes, and fast,,,

You not tired or hungry on this program and energy levels are really good. Even feeling like you could train at a higher intensity, though you are not eating as much of the high energy giving carbs !  Myth busted?..???

So there is a lot of planning and prep. It’s a full time job really but the upside is that you make the choices the day before and then don’t feel inclined to stray the next day. I actually didn’t crave sugar one single day which I was amazed at cause I love chocolate.
In the end I felt fantastic.
Ive still kept most of the eating habits since it’s finished up, rather than diving off the bandwagon spectacularly as with most other plans…

Not a FB fan but found the online ideas and Q&As very useful and wouldn’t let that put anyone off signing up to the program.
I would recommend the 28 program to anyone!

It’s only a month. !

It could change your New Year!




Alpha Male Dave

I have sat down probably 20 times to write a few words about how Richy’s “28 day drop a jean size challenge” has worked out for me but I have been dragged away so many times the guilt of not giving something back to Richy has me here now. That in itself probably explains where I was coming from in the first place. 4 kids, heavily involved with a juvenile hurling club working in Cork living in Waterford city. Eating was on the go and exercise was on the couch. (remote control yee dirty minded f%&kers)

I have known Richy for a long time and more recently through friends who have participated in programs and circuit training. I also had Richie down to my job to speak to approx. 150 people over 3 days to participate in an EHS offsite initiative with a focus on personal responsibility. He touched on good diet, good habit and making small changes that could be sustained. A lot of what Richie spoke of in that event really hit home with me. I was fooling myself with these bursts of training every few months trying to change the world over night then falling back into bad habits. I figured to follow one of the Freaks programs was the kick in the arse I needed to stop making excuses, to get a bit of control back. In addition to the menu/ recipes / shopping list that Richie provided what I didn’t expect was the daily mentoring throughout….. Richie WILL hound you for progress reports, he WILL critique your meal choice, he WILL guide you on good alternatives. All the way through you also have the benefit of the other participants uploading pictures of what they have put together meal wise. You get great ideas from them also and encouragement throughout from people going through the same thing. Brother’s in arms!!


The biggest difference you will find post freak challenge is

1) a sense of “jaysus this is handy” – I wasn’t reaching for a quick fix after work anymore – crisps, sandwiches, biscuits. I was planning my meals well in advance. Either the night before or on route home knowing what I had in the fridge.

2) A sense of enjoyment in the meal making at home. Ive had some lovely salads, omelettes, freak burgers, freak pizza’s throughout the 28 days. All without any fuss or strain to prepare … for me it was excuses and kicking the can down the road to avoid doing anything about it. The program has educated me that its so much easier than you expect AND enjoyable.

3) Results!! I exceeded my target over the period of the 28 day program. And here’s the real testo-mondo. Since the program has finished I Have continued with good habits over Christmas. Sure there has been blow outs here and there but a little exercise to “make up for it” plus 90% odd better habit has meant I have maintained the same weight as of this morning,  Dec 31st as I was completing the 28 day challenge over 3 weeks ago. This time last year I would have been the opposite post-Christmas…. Heavier and rolling off the couch to go out for a run with all the rest of the January crew.


My resolution going into 2016…………………participate in the 28 Day challenge in the new year, improve on the exercise side of the house……….. and continue to make better habits


So Freaks if your ready to get your act together in  January…really get stuck into the Christmas


weight gain


feel normal

>have a flat stomach


in control of your food again

and not





angry with yourself  ???????

…then drop me an email ONLY…on fitnessfreak.rk@gmail.com…

with the subject line..”28 Day January Drop A Jean Size ”

Freaks you’ll lose a minimum of 7lbs…..that’s the worst case scenario  and 1 1/2 inches off your tummy & ass

There’s not 28 recipes and 28 workouts…..why?

In my experience too much information leads to overwhelm..so with the recipes and structure I give you you’ll find your path and make it accountable to me EVERY DAY!!

small inprovements

Change requires ACTION


Looking forward to hearing from you and getting your January & 2016 off to the best possible start!


Chief Freak

Sign Up at fitnessfreak.rk@gmail.com

subject line

” January 28 Day Drop a Jeans size”