28 Day Drop A Dress/Jeans Size Testimonials

time for review


Freaks so another 28 Day Drop A Dress/Jean Size has come to an end & yes the guys dropped what it says in the title …

to be more exact an average weight loss of 10.1lbs – 2 inches off their middle -2.5 inches off their backside

… but this program is not a diet…..repeat that again…it is NOT A DIET (really feel I need to change to program name to 28 Day Drop the Diet or Ditch the Diet)



You are in Control hand writing with a black mark on a transpare


because these 28 Days are about so much more than
•rigid Meal plans

it’s about helping you understand simple steps that will make improving what you eat:
•manageable not overwhelming
• creating a mindset that will help you take control of your eating habits in YOUR life not trying to fit square pegs into round holes with a set in stone meal plan
•ultimately make you feel &  look great & armed with a new sense confidence that you are in control .


old way new way


So look enough of the waffle from me ,here’s a little sample of what some of the guys had to say


If you are  interested in joining the next 28 Day Ditch The Diet & Drop a Dress/Jean Size starting next Friday the 23rd of June then drop(excuse the pun) me an email at fitnessfreak.rk@gmail.com Subject Line 28 Day DTD.

what they said




I was sitting eating a pack of crisps feeling sorry for myself not fitting into my jeans…I felt like the Michelin man trying to wear barbies clothes so when I saw the group I knew it was for me. As soon as I signed up my mood improved. I loved the planning and prepping but more importantly I enjoyed what I was eating. it wasn’t easy and there were points along the way where I felt like it was hard work but with perseverance comes result and habit. Since finishing I slipped a little but have the mindset to put myself back on track and I don’t  feel guilty about my slips because they are not permanent and I’m only human!! all in all it was a journey of education and learning for life in a very safe environment with like minded people. would I recommend this…yes…will I do another course in a few months…yes! thanks Richie for your knowledge, support and most of all encouragement along the way!


Before I started this 28 day drop a jean size I was at a stand still with my weight, not eating healthy all the time and not eating at the right times and constantly feeling bloated .By starting this program it motivated me to eat my meals as I had to take the photographs of all my meals & upload to the private FB group and I learned new recipes and realised it’s actually quicker to make up healthy meals instead of going for rubbish that I taught was convenient, as before all the exercising I was doing was not budging my weight and I couldn’t believe that when I weighed myself on the 3rd week to be down nearly a stone in such a short amount of time after all my efforts before to loose weight, looking forward to continuing eating healthy as now I know what to buy it was a real kick-start and great help to get you in to the mindset of eating healthy.




Initially I found it daunting, not having things prepped but as I went I found it easier and easier, and managed to make meals out of what I would have thought were bare cupboards a lot of the time.

I enjoyed planning and prepping my meals, I wouldn’t have been doing a lot of cooking in the time before the plan, due to the working on a large project .  I would also say that being prepared etc meant that I would have saved a lot of money, not dumped any food or had much waste at all over the time (as well as not buying rubbish!)
I had a really bad day work & stress wise during the program way but I was so surprised by the way  I handled it ,really calmly, and my husband commented on how I dealt with the situation and managed it. Probably before it’s the kind of thing that would have driven me to drink / food / whatever, I could only put it down to my eating well, not letting it stress me and being able to handle  but I really feel that being on the plan helped me manage that situation so well.Then the weight – this has been getting me down with a long time. I was actually dreading standing on the scales for the first time, as I hadn’t been on them since I wrapped up with your pre Christmas Nutrition Program . I was pleasantly surprised that I was only 2lb up from what I’d finished up on then, with all that had gone on, so obviously something had stuck with me! I must say I was delighted with the weight loss, but I know I have a lot more to do on that so I would hope that I can continue in some respect and keep the scales moving in the right direction. It’s crept up so much in the last few years and I really feel like I can get a handle on it now, plus I’m definitely feeling a difference in clothes.Since finishing, I’ll confess to not being great in the past week in some ways – there have been biscuits etc, plus a day of stupid eating yesterday, but I’m righting myself again. I have installed a water drinking app, as this seems to be my biggest downfall and something that I do think makes a big difference when I stick to the 2L.
I think that’s everything from me – just wanted to say thanks for it, I know it must be huge commitment on your part to be on seven days a week but I think it’s a great programme and would definitely do it again!
Work-Life-Balance-1-1So there you go Freaks,real life ,real accounts of what life is  like & the challenges that we all face daily to improve our health,our bodies,bring up kids,hold down a job ,love a husband,wife ,partner,its difficult but  daily encouragement ,accountability ,guidance & support goes a long way.
Remember if you are  interested in joining the next 28 Day Ditch The Diet & Drop a Dress/Jean Size starting next Friday the 23rd of June then drop(excuse the pun) me an email at fitnessfreak.rk@gmail.com Subject Line 28 Day DTD