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  • Richard Kennedy

    Chief Freak

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    Strength & Conditioning Specialist

    Improve team or Individual Physical Function, Strength, Power & Fitness at the fully equipped Fitness Freak HQ.

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    The Real Risk Is Doing Nothing!

    Yep we all want to know what’s the best exercise or foods to eat to lose “the belly” ,the moobs,the back fat or create “the gap”,and the booty…. …..and with all the info out there it can sometimes stifle us…

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    28 Day Drop A Jeans Size

    28 Day Drop Jean Size So the challenge was set…get your ass in gear for 28days, start: planning prepping & focusing on what you eat and drink for every meal over a 4 week period What’s a jean size in…

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    Iron mind Michael O Connell

      Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks……… last August my good friend Michael O Connell completed The Copenhagen Ironman For those of you not familiar with an Ironman,basically its a 2.4mile (3.68km)swim 112 mile(180km)cycle 26.2(42.2km)run completed back to back in as fast as time possible…OUCH…that’s…

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    My beliefs and principles on training and nutrition are based around assessing the needs and capabilities of individuals and groups and provide the best plan of action based on these. Fitness Freak Classes are largely based on resistance and high…

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    Tara joined The FItness Freak inner Family almost two years ago. She started her FF experience on a weight loss mission having spent many years tipping the scales at 16stone plus. As a mother of four kids and two with special…

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    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner - We’ve got you sorted.

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